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Become a Digital Artist and Get Paid for Your Work

Computers, tablets, and mobile devices are the new craze in the creative industry. Everyone wants to be an artist, whether on a coding team or freelance designer. The problem is getting paid for your work when you can’t show up every day at an office and only want to start doing work now that you got your degree.

This article will show you how to get a job as a freelance artist, designer, or 3d modeler and also teach you how to make money from your art even if you aren’t getting paid.

Freelance Artist Tips

Freelance work is what keeps the creative industry alive. As someone looking for work as a digital artist, you need to know that getting paid can be difficult. Do not expect to get paid well when starting since no one knows who you are yet.
The best way to get recognized as an artist is to put your art online. Artists should always put their work on their portfolio sites, the go-to place for employers to find new talent. This is important because not only will you be a great source of work, but people will know your name and what you can do. Adding one is quick and easy if you do not have a portfolio site to show off your work.

Choose a domain name that conveys what you do to get your portfolio up and running. It must be unique and descriptive to stand out from other artists’ sites. For example, I have my website in the domain This domain name is very descriptive as it reads “ART BY BRANDON,” so it’s easy for people to see what I do by looking at my site.

If you don’t have a website or want to upgrade your old website, go to sites like Squarespace and Weebly, which offer tools for creating websites. From there, you need to start filling up your site with content. Make sure everything is working correctly and your portfolio looks great.

After getting your site set up and filled with work, it’s time to put it online so employers can see what you’ve got. Sign up for websites that link to your portfolios, such as Behance and Deviantart. These sites are great ways to get recognized. Not only do they show employers that you got a website, but they also show how many people have viewed your work (and they love to see high numbers).

Other great places to get exposure on the internet are social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These sites allow artists and freelancers to connect with potential employers who may want to look at their work more closely.

Once you are looking to build a portfolio and get more work, your best bet is to ensure that your work is excellent and professional. Employers want their employees to be on time with their work and professional at all times. This shows them how reliable you are.
Becoming a professional is critical if you want to get paid for your art.

How Much Would You Charge as a Digital Artist?

Everyone is different when it comes to pricing their work. For example, some artists charge $5 for every logo while others charge $5,000. If you are more in the middle, start with charging a reasonable price for every piece of art you do.

The most important thing to remember about your pricing is that this does not have to be an exact science.

If you are working for someone, the price can be determined by what they need from you and what they can afford to spend on your work.

For example, the person hiring you could say, “I need a logo by next Thursday.” If you charge $50 per hour and you can do it in half an hour, that is how much he would pay.

If you are working for yourself, it’s OK to have a higher pay rate if you can do a better job than someone else for cheap.

In the long run, charging more for your time is great because it means that you can get paid more when you work for clients or when getting work through referrals.

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