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How to Stand Out On Twitter and Make Your Art Noticed

It can be hard to get your work noticed on Twitter. So many artists, comedians, and musicians are vying for the same attention. But don’t worry! We’ve a few tips to help you stand out from the crowd and make sure more people see your art.

First, you’ll want to continue following and retweeting everyone who tweets about you. That’s not a tip so much as a good habit – you build up trust over time by being friendly and sharing what others are saying. This allows other people to see your art instead of just your retweets or give people the high-five when they mention something extraordinary you’ve said. Don’t be selfish in this way, though.

Don’t follow and retweet only people who will be nice to you. It’s better, to be honest, than seem fake, after all. Also, making new friends helps – a lot. You never know who will stumble across your work or what blog they write for. If you get mutual respect from a particular person, it’s easier to be friendly and follow them. Follow people who share similar content to you, so you’ll know that they also like your stuff.

This can be people from across the world or just ones that live nearby. The point is, it makes it easier to follow them and will show them how much of a fan they have of their work in addition to yours. It’s always a nice gesture to follow them and maybe send them a tweet with some way to keep in touch – maybe it’s just a retweet of something they said or just an offer to give their podcast/blog shout-outs. It doesn’t have to be anything significant that takes much effort on your part – it’s more about being nice.

Being nice can make you stand out, even more, so don’t forget that. If you add someone to a mutual fan club who likes you, maybe they’ll come back to your art or retweet it for you. That’s hard to predict, but it does happen sometimes. Please think of the people in your life who would talk about how excellent your work is and wonder how many of them are on Twitter! When you make new friends, let them know about your art. If you have an account on Tumblr, show people there.

If you have a blog, let them know about that. If you make music, let them know! Get your work out there and share it with the world. It can be hard to get noticed – but don’t give up! If you keep sharing your art with others and do what others may not do, you’re sure to make some friends and build your fanbase.

Good luck!

and remember, @all your friends

Make sure to share this with anyone you know who wants to get noticed on Twitter. It’s a great tool to help you and your friends build a following.  We hope these tips help you gain more fans and make more people aware of your work.

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