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Art on the Avenues

Loan Terms and Conditions


Art on the Avenues (AOTA) accepts possession of the object listed on the previous page of this Loan Agreement and Receipt subject first to approval by Jury and then, once accepted, the following conditions:

All pieces must arrive welded or securely fastened to a 1/4 inch steel or stainless steel plate with at least 3 bolt points for secure attachment to our pedestals. Artists will be billed for the cost of fabricating and attaching a plate if the piece arrives without one.

AOTA will exercise the same care with respect to loaned objects as it does with comparable property of its own. In no event shall AOTA be liable for the destruction, damage, or injury to the loaned object caused by wear and tear, gradual deterioration, insects, vermin or inherent vice; repair, restoration, or retouching processes; hostile or warlike action, insurrection, rebellion, nuclear reaction or radioactive contamination, or confiscation by order of any government.

Sculpture is displayed on outdoor pedestals in Wenatchee and the surrounding area. All sculptures must be made of durable materials and be able to withstand two years’ worth of outdoor placement. Suitable materials are, but are not limited to: bronze, aluminum, steel, and stone.

Artists are responsible for packing and transportation of their artwork both to and from the placement site. Please contact us to coordinate delivery and pick-up arrangements.

AOTA provides insurance on each piece while on display in the exhibit.

Each artist selected for participation in Art on the Avenues agrees to hold the organization and its employees and officers harmless from any liability arising from the injury of any persons or for the loss, theft, or damage to artwork arising out of or in any way related to transit and loaning of artwork for public display.

A 25% commission and Washington state sales tax will apply to any sales made during the exhibition. Artists may choose not to offer their exhibited works for sale. More than 65 pieces have been purchased from the exhibits since 1995, and more than 55 have been placed in the community permanent collection. Historically, AOTA has purchased one sculpture from the exhibited pieces each year and the group is now considering purchasing larger pieces with contract payments over multiple years.

Artists agree that AOTA may photograph works in the exhibit and use images of the artwork for promotional purposes. The works may be photographed by the general public while they are on display.
The loaned object will remain in the possession of AOTA in the exhibition for the time specified on the first page of this Loan Agreement, but may be withdrawn from exhibition at any time by AOTA. It is the responsibility of the Lender or his/her agent to notify AOTA promptly, in writing, if there is any change in the identity or address of the Lender. If the legal ownership of the object should change during the period of the loan, prior to the return of the object, the owner will be required to establish his/her legal right to receive the object by proof satisfactory to AOTA. If AOTA, after making reasonable efforts and through no fault of its own, is unable to return the loaned object to the Lender within one month following the close of the loan period, then the loaned object will be placed in storage at the Lender’s risk and expense. The loaned object shall be deemed to be donated to AOTA if no claim is made or action filed to recover the property after termination or expiration of the loan agreement and AOTA has given notice pursuant to RCW27.40.034 and RCW63.26.040 and no assertion of title has been filed within ninety days from the date of the second published notice.

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