The Beauty – and Rare Opportunity – of Bronze

So, you might be wondering…why is a children’s art program so expensive?

One of the main reasons is the same thing that makes the program so unique: bronze.

Many elementary art programs give students the opportunity to make sculptures but very few are cast in bronze. Those that do are almost exclusively only for those children whose parents can pay or a special one-time-only

sponsored project. Art on the Avenues is committed to providing this unique experience for all fifth graders in the Wenatchee school district and beyond, year after year. It is our dream to expand to other local school districts as well.

We are thankful to have a relationship with a foundry in Oregon which offers us the expensive ancient lost wax casting process at a reduced cost. Even so, with the growing number of students who participate each year the casting cost alone is significant. However, on an individual scale, is it easy to see how even small donations can help.

A $60 donation could cover the cost of one child’s entire Beauty of Bronze experience.       

Please help us give this great opportunity to each of our local fifth graders. Thank you!

Here is a video of one of the more dramatic steps in the bronzing process:

Student bronze images and video courtesy of Todd Pettelle, Northwest Artworks, Inc.